Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick
Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick
Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick
Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick
Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick

Warrior Ritual V3 Pro 26" Goalie Stick

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The Warrior Ritual V3 Pro Goalie Stick is designed for the elite goalie looking for top-level performance and durability in a more affordable package. The V3 Pro comes with a Minimus Carbon 12 construction from top to bottom, giving it the added performance and durability needed for high-end play but also helping to reduce weight.

The shaft comes with an Impact Fiber Layer which bolsters shaft durability while Warrior's VibexLite Technology drastically reduces vibrations from shots. These two work together to ensure their shaft remains intact while their hands remain stable when taken on a blistering shot. Plus, SlideGrip Technology further helps to give goalies a secure grip when holding the stick while allowing the hand to seamlessly slide up the shaft for playing the puck.

Down low, the paddle features TwinSpar Reinforcment, fortifying paddle stability without sacrificing weight. The paddle and shaft are connected with Warrior's HiFused technology, giving tendies not only a perfectly balanced feel in the hands but a unique mid-flex kick point. This flex profile caters to goalies who need extra power and control for outlet passes or clearing the zone.

Level of Play Elite
Weight 676 grams (26" Paddle)
Heritage Ritual V2 Pro / V1 Pro / CR1
Model Number V3EP
Available Handedness Regular, Full Right

Minimus Carbon 12
This higher grade of carbon weave provides better durability, enhances performance, and reduces weight.
Strategically placed gloss grip finish combined with raised grid texture provides grip only where you need it, without restricting slide when you need to transition from stance to poke check or puck play.
Vibration Reduction Technology reduces stings to the hands taken from hard impact shots.
HiFused Construction
Providing a premium balanced feel, this design gives goalies a strategic mid-flex kickpoint for maximum power and stability.


Materials Minimus Carbon 12
Impact Fiber Layer
Grip Finish SlideGrip Technology
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners and Straight Sidewalls


Materials Minimus Carbon 12
TwinSpar Paddle Reinforcement
Paddle Lengths 26"
Grip SlideGrip Technology


Materials Minimus Carbon 12
Face Texture Clear Gloss
Available Curves 32 (Mid)
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