Warrior QR Edge Clear Senior Stick
Warrior QR Edge Clear Senior Stick
Warrior QR Edge Clear Senior Stick

Warrior QR Edge Clear Senior Stick

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The Warrior hockey stick line has evolved with the Warrior Covert QR Clear composite hockey stick. This game-changing stick carries forward a host of effective design features from last year  and offers some essential upgrades for 2018.

  • QR Edge taper for explosive release
  • Minimus Carbon technology for improved energy transfer
  • True one-piece technology for lightweight response
  • Non-grip, clear finish for elite players who desire a smooth feel
  • Foam-filled core blade with heel-to-toe stringers for stiffness

The essential difference this year is the QR Edge taper. Warrior has moved away from its familiar Dagger taper with the new, angular edge taper. The QR Edge Clear stick pushes flex energy through the hosel while increasing power and improving quick releases. The new Edge is easier to load up and has an even more explosive quick release because energy transfers all the more easily through the shaft and blade, into the puck. This unique geometry is more stable than traditional tapers but still boasts a very thin taper into the blade, so players still enjoy an extremely quick release. Additionally, the blade stays square during big shots, without any twisting or torquing, helping to improve shot accuracy.

The construction material in the Warrior QR Edge Clear is the Minimus Carbon 1200. With this welcome upgrade, players still get a Minimus design, but the carbon technology is now the 1200 instead of the 1000 from last year’s QRL. 12K carbon fiber is still a commonly used professional specification in today’s NHL, and its high-strength, lightweight flat-weave carbon composite design improves the stick’s construction. With this ultra-thin carbon fiber stick, energy transfers are now easier and a little more efficient in each release. It’s also a more durable stick that manages impacts better and helps provide better pop-life.

Though re-engineered, the True one-piece construction is a carry-over feature, so the stick is still consistent top to bottom, but with an improved balance point. A one-piece hockey stick helps to keep the stick lightweight while enhancing how it feels during play by giving players more control and a better response. The blade still offers a traditional foam-filled core with heel-to-toe stringers for stiffness. Overall, the whole stick is on the stiffer, livelier side. Players still enjoy a great puck feel, but the QR Edge Clear is a great choice for players who also prefer a livelier stick.

The QR Edge Clear lacks the textured surface typically joined with the Pro Cortex Grip on other top-end Edge sticks, giving players the smooth freedom of a clear, non-grip finish desired by some elite skaters. It’s a nice, additional option that rounds out the premium Covert QR Edge line. The carbon fiber on the QR Edge Clear is now almost totally exposed for an eye-catching, understated, minimalist look.

The Warrior Covert QR Edge Clear stick is the next step in the evolution of the Covert stick line—this time with a non-grip finish. The QR Edge provides the aggressive, elite player with superior performance characteristics for a quick and smooth release, while promising an incredible feel in the hands.

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