Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick

Warrior Novium Senior Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Novium Stick showcases the all-new Bevel Taper design that delivers maximum power, pinpoint accuracy and an easy-to-load shaft. To top it off, the unique v-shaped sidewalls even help reduce weight and improve the balanced feel without compromising strength or durability too! 

Pairing with the powerful mid-kick point that the Bevel Taper provides is the FuelCore Blade. Firstmost, it has the signature Warrior puck feel that tends to be livelier and helps generate quicker shot pop when players are in tight on the goalie. The lightweight yet robust design helps to prevent the stick from feeling blade heavy and maintains that new-stick-feel longer than blades of the past. 

From a general construction standpoint, the Warrior Novium Stick utilizes the R.L.C. 133 construction process with uni-directional carbon fiber. This combination helps bring the weight down to 421 grams (85 flex) and even more importantly, helps to maximize energy transfer from the player, through the stick, into the puck and hopefully into the back of the net!

Level of Play Performance
Flex Profile Mid Kick Point
Weight 421 grams (85 flex)
Heritage New
Model Number NOVIUM
Available Flexes 75, 85


Novium Bevel Taper
The v-shaped sides of the taper create stiffness and torsional stability far superior to traditionally square taper shapes. The result is an easy-to-load high kick point that provides maximum shot speed with deadly accuracy.
FuelCore Blade
Lightweight polymer core with composite exterior enhances puck feel while better reducing blade fatigue over time. 
R.L.C. 133 Construction
A revolutionary featherlight process that utilizes high-grade carbon, lightweight fiber technology and epoxy resin for ultimate balance, responsiveness and durability.


Construction R.L.C. 133
Materials Uni-directional Minimus Carbon
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 60" (85, 75, 63 flex)


Kick Point Mid Kick
Shot Profile Maximum Power
Shaft Taper Bevel Taper


Construction FuelCore
Materials Unidirectional Minimus Carbon
Face Texture Smooth
Available Curves W03, W88
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