Warrior Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick
Warrior Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick

Warrior Covert QR5 20 Senior Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Covert QR5 20 Stick delivers truly elite performance, feel and durability in a deadly quick-releasing low-kick point stick at a more affordable price than the flagship QR5 Pro. The new FuelCore Pro blade with Minimus Carbon 6 further helps to accentuate the quick pop with its rigid, lively construction that will be giving goalies a run for their money no matter where the puck is shot from.

From the fully unidirectional Minimus carbon fiber shaft to the Minimus Carbon 6 blade weave, Warrior packed this stick full of premium materials. To top it off, the R.L.C. 155 construction process brings everything together in sync to maximize energy transfer through the puck while minimizing premature breakdown or fatigue. 

As mentioned above, the Covert QR5 20 utilizes a deadly quick shot release courtesy of the Covert's signature Edge Shaft Taper. This angular and aggressive design requires minimal effort to load but unleashes devastating results that make getting the puck off of the blade and into the back of the net easier than ever before. 

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Low Kick Point
Weight 415 grams (85 flex)
Heritage Covert QRE 20 Pro / QRE Pro /QRL Pro / QR Pro / DT2
Model Number SQRE2
Available Flexes 65, 75, 85

FuelCore Blade Pro
Lightweight polymer core with the new Minimus Cabon 6 weave for even better shot pop, puck feel and durability.
R.L.C. 155 Construction
A revolutionary featherlight process that utilizes high-grade carbon, lightweight fiber technology and epoxy resin for ultimate balance, responsiveness and durability.
Edge Taper
A unique, angular hosel magnifies the already lightning-quick shot release with extra velocity and accuracy. 


Construction R.L.C. 155
True One-Piece Construction
Materials Uni-directional Minimus Carbon
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 63"


Kick Point Low Kick
Shot Profile Quick-releasing
Shaft Taper Edge Taper


Construction FuelCore Pro
Materials Minimus Carbon 6
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves W28
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