Warrior Alpha LX 30 Senior Stick
Warrior Alpha LX 30 Senior Stick

Warrior Alpha LX 30 Senior Stick

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The Warrior Alpha LX 30 Stick brings elite feel and playability to an incredible price. At an astonishing 415 grams (85 flex), this stick weighs less and is more responsive than most top-end models from just a few years ago. 

The new R.L.C. 133 construction with it's full uni-directional carbon fiber layup is the main culprit in the weight reduction this year. These two components also help to make the stick last longer while being as efficient as possible during the shooting process. 

Speaking of shooting, the unique Sabre Taper II provides players with a very versatile and accurate shot release  making it great for the play-makers. The FuelCore blade construction also maintains accuracy through its stiff construction while offering great feedback during puck handling. 

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Mid-Low Kick Point
Weight 415 grams (85 Flex)
Heritage Alpha DX3 / QX3
Model Number LX30
Available Flexes 85



Saper Taper II
Exclusive taper shape that provides torsional strength needed for a quick, powerful and accurate shot release. It is even easier to load than before, making it even easier to rip shots with too. 
Minimus Carbon UD
Unidirectional carbon fiber reduces weight and improves durability significantly better than traditional entry-level carbon fiber. 
FuelCore Blade
Lightweight polymer construction enhances puck feel and increases shot pop. The extra composite layer prevents blade fatigue so it feels newer, longer. 

Construction R.L.C 133
Materials Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish Tacky Apex Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 60"

Kick Point Mid-Low Kick
Shot Profile Quick and Powerful
Shaft Taper Sabre Taper II

Construction FuelCore
Materials Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Face Texture Smooth
Available Curves W28
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