Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Stick
Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Stick

Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Stick

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The Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Hockey Stick has pop when you look at it, and when you shoot it. This stick is a low kick-point Sabre taper, with True 1 Phantom blade construction and an Ergonomic contoured shaft. It also has eye catching graphics with its Black and yellow highlights.

Stick Flex Profile
The DX2 SE2 Stick features Sabre Taper Technology, which in short is a Low Kick-Point stick. The technology combines low kick responsiveness with a powerful release. This gives the player easier shaft loading and a quick release for more accurate shots.

Shaft Construction
The Alpha DX SE2 Stick has an ergonomic contoured shaft shape which is designed to fit comfortably and securely in your hands. This will provide you more control when puck handling and shooting.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The Warrior DX SE2 stick uses True 1 Phantom Feel technology which is a true 1-piece shaft/blade construction. This creates lightweight blade balance and smooth, strong flex arcs. The true 1-piece construction also provides you with enhanced responsiveness when snapping the puck around.

The DX SE2 stick has Apex Grip texture which is a soft tacky feel that locks your hands into place when controlling your stick.

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