CCM Super Tacks Youth Hockey Stick

CCM Super Tacks Youth Hockey Stick

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The CCM Super Tacks Youth hockey stick is designed with specific features and a thoughtful construction tailored to young players developing their skills.

  • Shaft design built for ease-of-use
  • Lightweight blade for improved shot performance
  • Full grip for enhanced stick control

When purchasing a new stick for your child, it is important to find the right option with the appropriate features to help him or her improve their on-ice game with each skating session. If you’re unsure which stick is best, or you’re looking for some more in-depth information, visit your local Pure Hockey store. 

CCM uses a unique shaft design for the Super Tacks Youth stick, constructed specifically for smaller hands. With this design, CCM makes it easier for kids to learn how to properly hold a hockey stick, while also giving them more comfort and control as they begin to develop their stickhandling. 

The blade construction is both stiff and lightweight, allowing young players to lift the puck easier when shooting. But this design also provides enough weight to enhance puck feel, helping skaters to make better passes and improve their puck handling. 

The feel of the Super Tacks Youth stick is further enhanced with a full grip shaft. This design offers more stick control, helping to minimize rotation in the player’s hands. Too much rotation and sliding of the stick can result in less power when shooting and some difficulty with stickhandling. CCM recognizes this, and therefore provides a full grip construction young players will love. 

CCM shows their commitment to developing players with the Super Tacks Youth hockey stick, built with all the right features to help young skaters enjoy their time on the ice while they continue to work on their shooting, passing, and stickhandling. 

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