Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick
Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick
Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick
Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick
Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick

Sherwood CODE TMP 1 (64") Senior Hockey Stick

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The Sherwood Code TMP1 Stick was built for the elite playmaker that needs a featherlight feel, an effortless shot release and maximum puck control. The full BlackLine 25K carbon fiber layup drastically reduces weight while putting more power behind every shot and every pass. 

With a completely redesigned Energized Velocity Taper that includes new shaft dimensions to go with it, this Code Line has never shot harder or more effectively. Aside from the elite materials and construction processes, players are going to notice the puck releasing harder since the TMP1 is simply putting more energy into it. 

To handle the increase in energy flow, Sherwood had to make sure the blade was upgraded too. The new VR92 blade core is torsionally stiffer with an improved dampening system. This means accuracy is on point regardless of how hard the shot is while improving confidence for technical stickhandling and high-pressure pass catches. 


Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Hybrid
Weight 405 grams (85 flex)
Heritage Code IV
Model Number
Available Flexes
85, 95


PyroFill Spread Tow Carbon Fiber
Advanced, featherlight construction delivers elite stick weight, balance and enhanced hand-to-puck connectedness.
Energized Velocity Taper (EVT)
With a completely redesigned taper and all-new shaft dimensions that enhance energy transfer provides the most efficient and effortless shot release from Sherwood to date.
I92 Blade Reinforcements
Since the EVT technology creates more shot velocity, the blade needed its own upgrade to handle it. This key blade face inlay increases torsional stiffness that won't be overpowered by the shaft for deadly accuracy. 
By reducing fiberglass content in the stick and replacing it with high-end C30 carbon fiber, Sherwood is able to drastically reduce weight while improving responsiveness.


Construction Speared Two-piece
FeatherLiteXT Process
Materials BlackLine XXV Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners and Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 64" (85, 95 flex)


Kick Point Hybrid 
Shot Profile Versatile, all-around shooter
Shaft Taper Traditional


Construction VR92 Blade Core
I92 Dampening Reinforcement
Materials BlackLine XXV Carbon Fiber
Face Texture Peel Ply 
Available Curves PP92
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