CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick
CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick
CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick
CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick
CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick

CCM Tacks AS-V Junior Stick

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The CCM Tacks AS-V Stick was engineered to help the power shooter overpower the game. With one of the hardest shooting, high mid-kick points in the industry; CCM even used their flagship Sigmatex carbon fiber from top to bottom. This means the 406 grams (85 flex) AS-V is primed to clap bombs along with premium puck feel, balance and consistency. 
For the first time ever, this second price point Tacks stick boasts Sigmatex carbon. It's lighter, more efficient and more consistent but to top it off, the Advanced Carbon Matrix helps to accentuate these benefits even more. Since CCM can use thinner layers of carbon, they can be much more strategic in how they interact with one another which reduces weight and improves energy transfer without sacrificing durability. 

As the Tacks family has evolved over the years, the blade designs are no exception to the progression either. The ACU-Feel core offers a dampened, soft feel which excels at puck control. The extra softness also helps create more shot velocity since the puck sticks to the blade better during the loading process. Don't let the "soft feel" fool you though, the AS-V is still deadly accurate the torsional stiffness prevents it from opening up on heavy shots.

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Mid Kick
Weight 406 grams (85 flex)
Heritage Super Tacks AS4 / AS3
Model Number SA5T
Available Flexes 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 95


Skeleton + Technology
An advanced, refined construction process that sheds weight, improves energy transfer and enhances durability to the super precise final product.
Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
A truly elite material that is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than standard carbon fiber.
Advanced Carbon Matrix Technology
The advanced carbon fiber layering process helps to drastically reduce weight, increase performance and improve overall strength. 


Construction Fused Two-Piece
Advanced Carbon Matrix Technology
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish Tacky, Textured Grip
Shaft Dimensions Square Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 51" (40 Flex)
54" (50 Flex)
55" (55 Flex)
57" (65 Flex)
60" (70, 75, 85 Flex)
62" (95 Flex)


Kick Point Mid Kick Point
Shot Profile Maximum Shot Power
Shaft Taper Standard


Construction ACU-Feel Blade Core
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
Elite Foam
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves P28, P29, P88
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