CCM Tacks AS 580 Elbow Pads
CCM Tacks AS 580 Elbow Pads

CCM Tacks AS 580 Elbow Pads

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ASD Construction
'Anatomical Shield Design' follows the body's natural shape which ensures the best protection and coverage for your game while enhancing comfort and mobility.
JDP Technology
Standing for Joint Dispersion Protection, this unique design deflects heavy impact energy away from the joints and into the surrounding foam! This is a pro-preferred technology amongst NHL players today and provides players with elite-level contact protection.


Bicep Thick Standard Foam, Plastic Insert
Elbow Cap JDP Technology, Molded Plastic, and EVA Foam Cover
Forearm Injection Molded Plastic, Thick Standard Foam


Elbow Pad 2-Piece, Floating Bicep
Exterior Polyester, EVA Foam
Liner Sublimated Polyester


Bicep 1.5" Elastic Nylon
Elbow Mesh Anchor Strap
Forearm 1.5" Nylon, Length Adjustable
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