CCM Jetspeed Pro Hockey Stick (First Gen)
CCM Jetspeed Pro Hockey Stick (First Gen)
CCM Jetspeed Pro Hockey Stick (First Gen)

CCM Jetspeed Pro Hockey Stick (First Gen)

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The 2018 Jetspeed Pro ice hockey stick takes full advantage of many of CCM’s innovation and design upgrades. The new stick is lighter and more responsive than last year’s model, while its newly designed kick-point allows for heavier shots than before. Add to that a new paint job, and this versatile, do-it-all, advanced-level stick is going to earn a lot of fans.

  • 12K carbon fiber for elite-level durability and performance
  • Convex top and bottom for a more natural feel
  • Patented Jetstream blade with multi-channel, hollow core for superior power, control, and feel
  • Basket weave fiber design for lightweight responsiveness
  • Hybrid kick-point for versatile shot selection

For 2018, the Jetspeed Pro has all new shaft dimensions. The stick still sports rounded corners and double concave side walls, but it now features a double convex top and bottom. This slightly bowed or rounded dimension fits the hands more naturally. This new convex shape helps give players a better control over the puck when stick handling and also helps prevent the shaft from torquing (twisting) during big shots. The end results are more accuracy and increased power through the shot, together with nimble and quick control.

The Pro shaft material benefits from an upgrade, too, with a basket weave carbon fiber. The stick construction is still a fused two-piece configuration, but a lot of weight has been removed from the blade, increasing its responsiveness without sacrificing durability.

The Pro is also improved for 2018 with CCM’s new “hybrid” kick-point. The new kick technology boasts a ‘hinge’ action, meaning the stick is stiff through the CCM logo but transitions quickly with a much softer feel into the blade. The soft taper allows for the quick shot release needed for in-tight action around the net, but when you want to drop your hands and throw down a big shot from outside the crease, the hinge effect comes into play, with the stick performing more like a traditional mid-kick stick: the new hybrid design thus allows for the best of both worlds.

The Jetspeed Pro blade features CCM’s multi-channel hollow blade core with a 12K woven carbon fiber, helping to reduce the blade weight for a better balanced feel. The hollow blade core gives players huge pop on slap shots because the puck wants to bounce off the blade. And the blade is more consistent, thanks to a new patented Jetstream molding process that  includes a dampening layer, improving the blade’s durability and providing a more consistent puck feel.

The senior Jetspeed Pro weighs 443 grams, a big improvement over the 370 stick. The Pro stick’s feel is more balanced, and includes a tacky grip coating that helps lock a player’s hands to the shaft for high-performing, reliable control.

The advanced player will want to scrutinize the CCM Jetspeed Pro this off season. The almost totally redesigned Pro stick delivers elite-level performance features at a secondary price point, enhancing the stick’s overall value for the serious hockey player.

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