Warrior Alpha QX3 Hockey Stick

Warrior Alpha QX3 Hockey Stick

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The Warrior Alpha QX3 hockey stick offers many top-end technologies for the player looking for an explosive and accurate model. This low-kick point stick includes features found throughout the Alpha line, helping to take your shot to the next level without breaking the bank.

  • Quick Strike technology for effortless loading
  • Sabre Taper for a quicker release
  • True 1 Phantom Feel for improved responsiveness
  • Minimus Carbon 600 for high-strength construction
  • Ergo shaft shape for better overall puck control
  • Protex grip texture for an enhanced feel

Warrior implements the top-of-the-line Quick Strike technology in the QX3. This innovation uses a new low kick-point that extends from the bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel. This results in effortless loading which engages an explosive and precise release, allowing you to pick corners with both speed and power. And Warrior uses their Sabre taper to complement this new kick-point. This unique taper design creates a torsionally stiff mid-low flex arc, resulting in a stable blade for improved accuracy. Warrior has combined these two top technologies throughout the Alpha line so that any level of player can experience these performance benefits.

The QX3 also features Warrior’s True 1 Phantom Feel construction. The one-piece stick is a staple for many high-end sticks on the market. Warrior’s true one-piece stick offers improved balance and responsiveness, with technology that allows for an enhanced feel and greater puck control.

Warrior has constructed the Alpha QX3 with Minimus Carbon 600. While this material is a lower grade than the top sticks in the Alpha line, it still produces a high-strength, responsive, and lightweight stick through a flat carbon-composite weave design. This material enhances all of the stick’s construction technology features.

This model also includes the Ergo shaft shape and Protex grip texture. This ergonomic contour shaped shaft fits comfortably and securely in your hands which enhances feel. This unique shaft shape helps in all areas of the game, whether you’re stickhandling through the defense, making crisp cross-ice passes, or taking fast, accurate shots in the offensive zone. The Ergo shaft shape is complemented by the Protex grip, which provides textured corners and a tacky soft grip finish that locks easily into your hands for optimum control and accuracy.

Warrior’s Alpha QX3 is a highly responsive mid-level stick. Containing many features that are shared throughout the line, including in the top-end Alpha QX, this model provides all the technologies and performance benefits you’re looking for when on the market for a high-quality, great-valued stick.

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